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Gutter Cleaning


Why choose Jet Clean?

Due to customer demand, we have invested in the latest gutter cleaning technology. Our chosen product, the skyVac™ 85 is the worlds most powerful mains powered proffesional high level gutter cleaning machine. This allows allows us to safely and efficiently remove even the most stubbon gutter debris without the need for ladders.


Gutter Cleaning

Having your gutters cleaned might not feature high on your list of home maintenance priorities, but regular upkeep is essential. Gutters are designed to collect and guide rainwater off the roof, down into the drain and away from the building thus preventing potential structural damage. Clogged or damaged gutters can result in expensive repairs so, although they are out of sight they should never be out of mind!



Our innovative gutter cleaning equipment from skyVac™ makes gutter cleaning a breeze. No need for ladders, a single operator can easily and effectively clean gutters up to four stories high, and all from the safety of the ground. So, whether your property has difficult to reach gutters, such as above a conservatory or a garage, gutter cleaning equipment features a powerful wet and dry vacuum system along with extremely lightweight and robust carbon fibre Elite Poles making light work of the hard to access gutters. A camera fitted to the head of the vac allows our operator to visualise the gutter ensuring it is completely clean


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